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La Casa de Carlota

La Casa de Carlota & Friends is the first design studio in the world to include creatives with intellectual disabilities in its team. Their purpose is to activate creativity, to inspire and mobilize brands to generate transformative solutions that benefit society and the planet at large.



  • Visual Design

  • Workshops

  • Branding

  • Inclusion

  • Creative Workshop Facilitator


  • Paint

  • Collage

  • Posca Markers

  • Adobe Photoshop



My role was centered around facilitating the creative studio, formed of designers with Down Syndrome and autism. We worked for clients including: Vueling, Veritas, Correos, and the Ajuntament de Barcelona, among others.

Intellectual Diversity

Having a team incorporating creatives with Down Syndrome and people with autism along with strategists, marketing people, UX experts, established creatives and other newcomers straight out of college, consultants, trainers, designers, researchers and artists lead to fun, out of the box projects with diverse applications, like promotional materials that are unforgettable and friendly food packaging that is delightful.

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