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Street of Sound


Street of Sound is a video documentary project that seeks to showcase the talent that everyday street musicians have to the world.

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Matias Campa

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Our Mission

We aim to share not only musical talent but also the personal stories of street musicians, and provide them with the platform and audience they deserve. This project was born during the Covid-19 pandemic, when all of the cultural venues New York City usually thrives from, closed down. We started seeing more musicians and performers sharing their art in public space, and we sought to shine a light on their art through high quality recordings.

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Street musicians have always shaped the very identity of New York City, and brought cultural value that is often overlooked, misused, and very poorly regarded. 


Lenny & Rima

Rima, a former Broadway singer, who has sang with top musicians and vocalists, such as Pavarotti, decided that she wanted to share a meaningful song from her childhood: Hi Lili, Hi Lo. Lenny accompanied her on this very moving duet. They were the first street performers we recorded, live at Central Park.

Shining a Light on Street Performers

It should also be noted that street musicians are usually performing to survive, living by the dollar, and have a precarious job that is subject to police stopping them and being kicked out of public spaces. Moreover, there are many barriers to entering the music industry, so often new musicians, especially those who are economically disenfranchised, are unable to enter those spaces. We seek to elevate how street musicians are portrayed in media by providing them a high-quality recording of their performance which they can then share through their platforms. 

Petitioning for Change

We have organized a petition for Kanami, known as Let Hair Down, a dancer who performs at Washington Square Park daily and has been harassed multiple times by park rangers. We co-wrote this petition to ask individuals who enjoy free art in public space to show their support for street performers in New York City who have been disturbed by rangers at Washington Square Park.

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Storytelling through Illustration

Through the use of unique illustrations and design, we aim to share the performance of street performers in new, unique ways.

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